SIETAR Australasia Board

The Board is the strategy-setting group of SIETAR Australasia and the decision-making body between annual general meetings. 

The Board is composed of intercultural representatives from various industries within Australia and New Zealand.


Dr. Hatice Sitki

SERSA’s founder and principal consultant, Dr Hatice Sitki, has a deep understanding of the hidden messages within national myths and symbols and can show her clients how they can make use of these powerful tools to raise their profits to use in advertising and logos, and in many other contexts.

These include intercultural coaching, social inclusion for multiculturalism and Indigenous peoples’ rights, and understanding consumers’ behaviour.

Dr Sitki can integrate people of varied cultural and social backgrounds into one community; she can demonstrate how to use myths and symbols in powerful council, government and corporate logos.

Dr Sitki has extensive people and project management experience, and can also ably assist clients with budget co-ordination, and strategic planning in public and private spheres. Branding National Myths and Symbols © or BNMS.


Ms Julie Simpkin

Is an editor and writer with more than 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry in both Australia and Britain.

She is currently the senior editor at the National Museum of Australia, Canberra, where she edits a broad range of publications, including scholarly titles and exhibition catalogues, and texts for a diverse program of exhibitions.

Previously, Julie maintained a successful freelance career based in Sydney, writing and editing for numerous publishers and titles, from Lonely Planet tO the Guardian newspaper.

Moving to Sydney from London in 1993, she spent seven years at Vogue Magazines, latterly as features editor of Vogue Living.

Julie is currently completing a Masters degree (part-time) at the Australian National University, Canberra.

Gabrielle Walker

Currently works for the School of Management and Governance and at the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, Murdoch University.

With a background in Sociology and Community Development, she is currently undertaking her Masters by Research on the potential of embracing liminal space within the organisational strategic planning process.

She is a Pakeha and Maori woman from Ngati Kahungunu, New Zealand and has lived and worked in Ecuador, England and Australia. These factors fuel her passion for understanding cultures and how various cultural understandings impact business and educational practices.

Research interest areas include identity, alternative education programs and not-for-profit business models.

Peter Waterman
Is a journalist and public affairs professional with wide experience in the media, government and industry.

He has extensive experience in industry affairs and government as an executive at industry associations, as a political adviser, senior officer in government policy and corporate areas, and as a media executive.

His extensive media experience includes achieving the position of Associate Editor of The Australian Financial Review where he worked for 15 years before entering the public affairs field.  He currently holds the position of National Public Affairs Director for a major health industry association and in this position has won a number of national awards for his writing on health issues.

He continues to maintain close ties with the media, political apparatus and the bureaucracy and is an accomplished advocate and lobbyist.

Public Office

Elvira Ditini

Is a customer relations professional with a strong intercultural focus both in public and private sectors.

She currently works at Philips Australia and aims to affect change in all customers by understanding their culture and distributing these learning with local and international clientele, stakeholders and international companies.

Prior to Philips, Elvira worked for Pinpoint, again in their customer service with such internationally-focused companies as ANZ, Qantas, Air New Zealand, CBA, and Westpac.

Sevika Varaden

Is currently employed in the Mauritian branch of one of the world’s leading financial service providers.

Being an International Business postgraduate, she achieved her Master’s Degree from Monash University Malaysia.

She is a citizen of Mauritius and speaks three languages including French and Creole.

Being dedicated to ongoing learning and development, she also has a passionate interest for research, and her areas of interest include Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability.

Conference Director

Wieke Gur

Wieke is an Intercultural Leadership Coach and Marketing Communication Specialist with extensive experience in helping clients measure, visualize, and optimize the three invisible forces crucial to team success: Psychological Safety, Motivational Drive, and Cognitive Diversity.

Having grown up in Jakarta, Indonesia, she moved to Sydney, Australia over 20 years ago before settling in Perth. Wieke brings a unique blend of expertise to support SIETAR’s mission of fostering intercultural understanding and excellence, emphasizing the importance of intercultural education and training.

Wieke divides her time between Jakarta and Perth. Beyond professional environments, she is committed to promoting psychological safety, diversity, and inclusion in all aspects of life. Her work extends to creating inclusive spaces in communities, educational institutions, and social settings, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive and contribute positively to society.