2018 SIETAR Conference

National Identity and Global Education Forum

Presented by SIETAR AUSTRALASIA and Australian Intercultural Dialogue Association (AIDA)

​Canberra, Australia, March 23 – 24, 2018

​​SIETAR Australasia’s fourth conference focused on inter-culture, identity, education and culture.

National and international and guest speakers discussed the themes of:

  • International culture,
  • Intercultural education
  • Promoting global culture
  • Global interfaith education
  • Promoting multicultural education
  • Indigenous Education
  • Indigenous culture
  • Identity culture
  • National identity culture
  • Global Education
  • National identity education
  • Dual/multiple citizenship
  • ASEAN: One vision, One identity. One community
  • Peace

​Speakers included:

  • Dr Andrew Leigh MP
  • Dr Asmi Wood, Associate Professor and Sub-Dean (Indigenous), ANU
  • Ms Elizabeth Kikkert MP
  • Mr Sam Wong, Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Inc.
  • Phillip Roberts, Solicitor Advocate & Advisor, Phillip C Roberts Law Firm
  • Ms Bianca Pace, Chairperson, Ministry for Peace Australia