2024 SIETAR Conference


Multiculture: What does it mean for you?

Join us and let’s explore from the grassroots. Not from the top down, but from the bottom up this time.

  • Does it mean eating a meal you’ve not tasted before?
  • Does it mean talking to someone from another culture you didn’t know anything about?
  • Does it mean you sharing yourself with someone who has no idea about your culture?
  • Does it mean all our identities are represented in our country’s national identity?

🎤✨ Get ready to be inspired by our lineup of fascinating speakers at the SIETAR Australasia 2024 Virtual Conference! 🌟 From thought leaders and industry experts to seasoned practitioners and cultural enthusiasts, our speakers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table: 🌏💡

  • Dr. George SimonsFounder & Editor in Chief, diverophy®
  • Carolina Bouten-Pinto, Phd, MmgtFounder & Principal, Culturewise Practice
  • Dr. Alejandro Pacheco, PhD, Academic at Anáhuac University
  • Dr. W. G. Samanthi KonarasingheStatistical Consultant, Institute of Mathematics & Management
  • Michael SullivanAuthor, Host of ‘Where Are You From? A TCK Podcast’
  • Fran BaxterExecutive Director, Value Learning
  • Maura Di Mauro – Intercultural Trainer; DEI & Sustainability Consultant
  • Bob Tyne – Inaugural Australian Army Language Manager
  • Antoine Burke – Communications Professional 
  • Jeanette WaltonCareer Branding Consultant

and many more . . .